What is BlinkBoot?

A fast, secure and customizable bootloader

  • A simple, speedy, scalable and secure UEFI-based boot loader for devices that do not require a full BIOS solution
  • Designed to execute the minimal number of instructions necessary to boot a device in the fastest time possible
  • Initializes silicon, prepares hardware and loads an OS kernel (e.g. Linux) in milliseconds
  • Support for Intel and AMD IoT/Embedded platforms
  • Packaged with a unique tool set which provides a simple and flexible way of customizing build-time and run-time options
  • Extendable through add-on packages called "Lenses" that add features/functionality for each specific lens added to the base package of BlinkBoot
  • Royalty-free and subscription-based
  • Just released! Read the new BlinkBoot white paper from Insyde Software

Engineered for the Internet of Things

BlinkBoot was designed from the ground up as an optimal firmware solution for IoT devices. Unlike many open source boot loaders, BlinkBoot is based on UEFI, a mature, well-understood, and flexible industry standard that has been widely used for over 10 years. This provides BlinkBoot inherent advantages over other solutions, including the way it leverages UEFI’s proven security infrastructure for device security and operating system and applications authentication.

BlinkBoot Lenses Add Functionality

Blinkboot is extensible with add-on packages. An add-on package is called a “lens.”

BlinkBoot Lenses include:

  • Storage
  • Setup
  • Network
  • Graphics
  • Debug

Support for Intel and AMD IoT/Embedded Platforms

  • Intel BayTrail-I, Apollo Lake-I, Braswell and Denverton Platforms
  • AMD EPYC 3000 Embedded Series and AMD Ryzen V1000 Embedded Series Platforms

A Royalty-Free Subscription-Based Solution

BlinkBoot is offered under subscription-based pricing and is royalty-free.

  • BlinkBoot subscription service includes BlinkBox tools, which is a unique tool set providing a simple and flexible way of customizing build-time and run-time options
    • BlinkBuild™, BlinkFlash™, BlinkDebug™ and BlinkShell™
  • Subscription pricing is based on:
    • The number of SoCs being supported by BlinkBox, discounted when more than 1 SoC is licensed at the same time
    • The number of lenses that are included--flexible packaging to include only the features required

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